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Plagiarism and its Causes

The internet is one of the most significant sources of information, and people use this platform to get knowledge about a topic and also for communication. Teachers, students, and even people from every walk of life use the internet for performing their tasks. But, sometimes, some copycats use this blessing for cheating or copy others’ work and use it as their own. The duplication of others’ content without any acknowledgment is k known as Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an unethical and immoral activity and can lead you to severe consequences. Uniqueness is appreciated and encouraged everywhere, especially in writing. If you copy others’ work and paste it in your work without any proper citation, then this act can lead you to some unpleasant situations such as failure in the exam or even imprisonment. 

Let’s discuss some of the leading causes of this unethical activity, and it’s consequences.

Lack of confidence   

One of the main reasons for the duplication of others’ content is lack of confidence. People prefer other work instead of writing their own. They usually think that the writing style of others is better, and that’s why they copy their content. Teachers and parents have a significant responsibility to prevent Plagiarism, they should encourage students to write their own words to explain their ideas. Teachers should assign a task to the students, which requires creative thinking and ideas and give clear instructions to create unique content.

Fear of failure

You might have witnessed that students have to face severe pressure from their parents and teachers to get a top position in the classroom. Moreover, the competition in getting a job also becomes a severe headache for many students. Even, sharp and intelligent students also have to face this severe pressure from their parents. This situation leads them to copy others’ content and commit this unethical act. 

Teachers and parents should avoid pressurizing their children/students and give them confidence. They should also guide them to present unique ideas instead of copying others’ work.

Shortage of time   

Students usually have to submit their assignments or homework within a short period, and they have to face a shortage of time. If you are a student, then you might have faced this situation in your life. The deficiency of time leads them to duplicate others’ work and paste it in their work without giving proper credit to the authors. 

Accidental Plagiarism

If you are using the internet to get information about a specific topic, then some sentences or phrases get fixed in your mind, and you might use them in your writing unintentionally. This duplication is accidental but still considers Plagiarism, and you might have to face similar harsh consequences, just like other types of Plagiarism. The proper concentration and use of an efficient plagiarism checker are recommended to avoid duplication in the content. 


Duplication in the content is a severe issue and may destroy the career of a person. The duplication in writing can also damage the fame and good-will of a writer. An online plagiarism checker can help you in detecting the Plagiarism in the content and make your content piracy-free without any hassle.